Below are a few popular peripherals that interface with BuildingLink and their wholesale prices. If you wish to purchase any of these items, please contact us at support@buildinglink.com or call (877) 501-7117.


Keylink features a secure metal lockbox, and automatically detects when a key is removed or returned. It also supports biometric employee identification via the Digital Persona fingerprint reader (sold separately).

Visit our website for more information about Keylink and pricing.

BuildingLink GEO® Cradle for iPod Touch/iPhone

The perfect companion to our GEO app, the iPodTouch/iPhone cradle boasts a built-in WiFi connection, barcode scanner, and credit card swiper.

Cradle: $499.00, iPod Touch™ or iPhone™ sold separately

DigitalPersona Fingerprint Reader

Add another layer of security to your BuildingLink system — no setup required. BuildingLink supports biometric authentication via the DigitalPersona fingerprint reader.

$90.00 each

Topaz 1x5 Siglite Signature Pad

A low-cost, pressure-sensitive electronic signature pad that works smoothly with BuildingLink. Best for easy front-desk package tracking and recording visitor entry.

$250.00 each

Motorola Barcode Scanner

Enhance the package tracking accuracy and data entry speed of your staff. The Motorola Barcode Scanner captures barcoded delivery tracking numbers and stores them in BuildingLink for later tracing or verification.

$160.00 each

Apple iPad

Access BuildingLink.com on an iPad and get all your building's information via an intuitive touchscreen interface — the perfect solution for buildings lacking space or a full front desk.

$499 each (www.apple.com, requires wi-fi or AT&T 3G plan)

Way2Call Hi-phone Autodialer

Save your staff time and eliminate frustration with this dialer modem. It's fully integratable with BuildingLink and your front desk's analog phone line. With the Way2Call autodialer, your staff can call any resident's phone number from your BuildingLink Address Book in one click.

$319.00 each (www.way2call.com)

Microsoft Lifecam VX-2000

Capture photos directly into BuildingLink with this or any TWAIN-compatible webcam for increased security in your building.

$50.00 each

Dymo LabelPrinter 400 Turbo

Dymo's LabelPrinter 400 integrates with BuildingLink’s front desk modules for quick, single-click printing of visitor badges and package ID stickers.

$129.00 each