For Developers

(That's software developers, not real estate developers!)

BuildingLink provides numerous channels through which data integration with outside data sets, or program integration with outside software and hardware products can be accomplished.

1. Automated importing into BuildingLink of resident lists and account balance information from accounting software products (like Yardi, MRI, RealPage, etc.).

2. Assigning to residents their access control IDs, key fobs or access levels from within BuildingLink, and exporting that data into your access control system (i.e. Honeywell or S2).

3. Exporting Move-in data or repair request data from BuildingLink for use by an outside resident survey company (like Satisfacts).

4. Importing Maintenance Request and repair data from an external program into BuildingLink, or exporting maintenance repair data from BuildingLink into external programs (i.e. Yardi).

5. Accessing BuildingLink's API interface for importing calendar events, announcements, packages info or reservations availabilities from the BuildingLink database for use by outside developer programs.
External Content Interacting with IE + iFrames = :(

If you would like the BuildingLink website to include your content in an iFrame that interacts with the site in some way (i.e. it passes information to/from BuildingLink or redirects the user to/from a BuildingLink page) you will quickly discover that IE will not allow it. In order to get around this limitation you will need to add a P3P policy to your site which tells the browser that it is okay. If you do not know how to add a P3P policy to your site you might want to read this article and this article, or refer to the full documentation which includes links to some helpful tools.

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